3 Writer Recs

I finally got around to filming the second part of my 2016 bookshelf tour so I thought I would take today to recommend the three authors that appear most prominently on my contemporary fiction bookcase.

These three authors also double as my favourite current fiction writers and considering most of my favs are dead, this is kind of a big deal.

We will start with Neil Gaiman since he's actually quite an anomaly for me. The kind of books Gaiman writes are the kind of books that often scare me off. He's a fantasy author for the most part and I really hadn't read an adult fantasy books before I tried out his work (I really haven't read much else since either, but that's a topic for another day). 

His writing, his characterisation, his world building. He had me hooked in no time and I would definitely recommend checking out my 'Where to Begin with Neil Gaiman' video if you're new to his work.

Next we have a relatively new favourite but one who has my heart, John Irving.

I've only read a handful of John Irving's work so far but I ADORE HIM.

There is something about his work that speaks to me. He writes the kind of books that consume you while you are consuming them and I just can't get enough.

And lastly we have, Sarah Waters. If you're a fan of historical fiction but haven't tried her, get on it.

Her books are beautifully researched and always have wonderfully vivid characters. She's particularly known for her portrayal of lesbian relationships but honestly, she just handles relationships in general beautifully.

All three authors are wildly different but all three are well worth taking the time to check out.