3 Pet Peeves of a Disney Lover | Disney Diary #12

Basically any subject that interests you greatly is bound to come with it's share of pet peeves in regards to other peoples perceptions of said subject.

Disney in particular seems to attract all kinds of misconceptions, what with it's age and popularity.

You will be hard pressed to find someone who isn't familiar with The Disney Company but alas, it's much easier to find people that know of it, but can't always recognise it when they see it.

Because of this, my first pet peeve is people confusing non Disney films as Disney.

No, Anastasia is not a Disney princess, try again. And, no, Minions aren't Disney either.

I don't know why this bothers me as much as it does but I think it has something to do with the unique signature of a Disney film. They really are unlike anything else so when people confuse them it seriously bugs me.

The second pet peeve is closely related to the first but is different enough that I felt the need to mention it. People who use the term 'Disney' to mean any kind of animation. They know perfectly well that Disney is not the only animation studio out there but they feel the need to use it as a blanket term anyway. Similar to the way people use the term 'Google' to mean any kind of internet search.

"Just google it on Youtube, it will come right up."

Just. No.

Lastly is my biggest pet peeve and it's people who seriously believe that Disney is only meant for children. Really? Do you have so little joy in your life that you can't see the appeal of an animated mouse?

Don't get me wrong, I went through a stage where I thought the only Disney I could enjoy was what I grew up with and that it was merely a nostalgia thing but as I grew older I saw that you're never too old for something that brings you joy.

Sure, there are cartoons out there that specifically cater to children but Disney, like most quality art, is made to appeal to everyone.

Disney is universal. It is ageless. It is enduring.

It's not a case of Disney not being able to do wrong but it is a case of them overcoming their failures with something right. Something that can and does become a part of the people who witness it.

Disney inspires hope and light and I will never be too old for that.