Bridget is just having babies all over the place

With the new Bridget Jones movie on the horizon there's been all sorts of talk about whether or not the films will continue to include the content of the third Bridget book, Mad About the Boy since that title was set later in Bridget's life after certain events had occurred, but it looks that a new book is going to be released to coincide with the new movie instead.

Obviously the new book will be a prequel to the last installment and will instead deal with Bridget's first pregnancy.

If this is the case and they're trying to keep the books and movies relatively in sync (forgetting the terrible Edge of Reason movie that had little to do with the book of the same name...) it probably means that those of us up to date with the books will have an idea which direction the new movie will veer towards.

Either way I'm looking forward to new Bridget, both on the screen and on the page.