Forgotten Disney Films | Disney Diary #5

As far as animated theatrical releases, I've seen the majority that Disney has released but I feel there are always certain movies that slip under the wire. For me that film has, for a long time, been Oliver & Company (1988).

It's no wonder it alluded me so long considering I was only two when it came out in cinemas and it wasn't often available on VHS or DVD for certain reasons but I recently picked it up on Blu-ray and gave it a watch.

I'm sorry to say, I almost wish I hadn't.

The story is (obviously) based on Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist only with dogs and our title cat, Oliver.

Oliver himself I really liked. He was cute and sweet but overall I just wasn't impressed. I don't know if I would have felt differently had I seen this as a kid but I don't think animated features should only be able to appeal to children.

One main problem for me was the music. It all feels very 80s, which doesn't have to be a bad thing but it just doesn't have that 'classic' appeal that most of my favourite Disney movies boast.

So in all, Oliver & Company is not destined to make my loves list but while I'm here I'll leave you with a recommendation of an often forgotten Disney film that I think is criminally under-rated, Meet the Robinsons (2007) is easily one of my favourite modern Disney films and really just one of my favourites in general.

It's the first film released after John Lasseter became chief creative director of Walt Disney Studios and like everything that man touches, it is golden.

The film has plenty of things that wouldn't normally appeal to me including futuristic time travel but the story, the dialogue, the tone and in particular the characters are just wonderful.

I would even go as far to say that this movie has my favourite Disney villain (a term I'm using loosely here) in the Bowler Hat Guy. He is part villain, part comic relief and all amazing.

If you haven't seen Meet the Robinsons yet, track it down. The effort will be worth it.