So, Dracula is semi-autobiographical?

Today's Youtube video included some non-fiction recommendations of books I had a lot of fun with but also taught me a lot.

I though for this week's Trivia Tuesday I would share with you a fact I learned from one of those books, The Movers and Shakers of Victorian England.

Today we're talking Bram Stoker and his inspiration behind his classic of the horror genre, Dracula.

As it turns out Stoker spent much of his childhood ill, suffering from symptoms similar to the afflictions that his title character would posses and during these days spent confined to his darkened bedroom, his mother would regale him with horrific tales of the cholera epidemic of 1832.

These things, combined with Stokers determination to appear stronger and healthier than his youth had left him later in life, lead him to use himself as inspiration to write to what has become an enduring Gothic classic.