Neil Gaiman's Bibliography

I recently filmed a video in my where to begin series about fantasy author Neil Gaiman so when I found out a somewhat odd and interesting fact about his career today, I knew it had to be the topic for this week's Trivia Tuesday.

This particular fact has to do with Gaiman's first published book. Any guesses what it might be? Good Omens, Neverwhere and Stardust were all published in the 90s but nope, it's none of them.

He actually published a non-fiction text in 1984. A band biography in fact. A band biography on Duran Duran...

How did I not know this until now!?

Gaiman claims it is his worst work and is not at all proud of it now but I bet it was still a thrill back in the 80s to see his name stamped across a real book you could purchase from real bookstores. Humble beginnings, maybe but he's certainly come a long way since.