Cheap or just naive?

I moved out of my family home more than a decade ago to go to uni. I've lived in a college dorm, I've rented a room, I've lived with friends and for the past seven years I've been living with my partner but I'm still shocked by how much it can cost to 'adult'.

Forget how quickly necessities like groceries and laundry detergent can add up, if you want to buy some decor to make your house feel more like a home... that shit can get nuts!

On the weekend, Morgan and I saw a mirror that we liked the look of. It was an art deco inspired piece, shaped like a fan and we thought it would look cute opposite our front door. On closer inspection, said mirror cost over $400. Okay. Maybe I'll look online. I'm sure I could find the same thing for way cheaper.

Turns out no. I can find it for moderately cheaper but for the most part this small piece of shaped, reflective glass is going to set me back at least $350.

Needless, to say we have passed on the mirror idea for the time being. We might go check out some second hand stores and see what we can find but it still surprises me how expensive pretty things can be.

Maybe I'm cheap. Perhaps I'm just naive or maybe it's just my expensive taste biting me in the butt again (probably a combination of the three) but it still surprises me how expensive pretty things can be.