HP Fever

The video going up on my Youtube channel today is talking about the Harry Potter series and why I think it's a perfect series to get new readers excited about reading.

I pre-filmed that video a few days ago as I'm writing this (which is also being pre-written. Did I mention I'm away this week?) and I haven't been able to get the series out of my head since. So now I'm craving a re-read.

I think I'm going to attempt to hold off though since I only re-read them a little over a year ago and I like being able to read a decent amount of new (to me) books to share with you guys but, damn that series is good!

I'm always aware of the fact that I love it but every now and than I get smacked over the head with just how addictive it can be.

If for some reason you haven't checked out the Harry Potter books, I highly recommend giving them a read. At least try out the first one or two books. Test the waters, see how they work for you because you never know, you might be like me and find you're surprised at just how great they are.