A Rare Case of Book Guilt

I am not someone who is good at keeping up with new release books. I'm lucky if I read more than one book a year that was actually first published in that year.

Most of my reading is blacklist stuff and more often than not, I'm reading books from before I was born so people who can keep on top of newer titles without feeling like the proverbial house of cards is about to fall on their heads, have my complete respect.

What I'm getting at with this little rant is the upcoming release of an autobiography from The Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr. Now, I love The Smiths and I will definitely be picking up Marr's new book but knowing that this book is on it's way is giving me 'bad book reader' feels, mainly because Smiths frontman, Morrissey released his autobiography a couple of years ago now and despite having it pre-ordered, I still haven't gotten around to reading it.

I pretty much never feel bad for not having gotten to older books since obviously no one can read them all and even though it's the same for newer releases I get a strange stab of guilt when I neglect the titles that interest me, especially when something similar is being released to remind me of my reader ineptitude...

Anyone else having a case of the crazies today, or is it just me?