What I'm looking for in a book

We all have preferences when it comes to what we like to read about and mine certainly change and evolve over time as I discover new and different topics and time periods that interest me but I thought I would share with you my current 'buzz words' of sorts. The things that I hear in reference to a book and my interest is instantly peaked.

Early to mid twentieth century is my main thing at the moment. Books written or set from the 20s through the 50s in particular have my interest automatically, I go from there to figure out if the characters, plot or setting sound appealing as well.

Those of you familiar with my videos, will know that coming of age stories are a big draw as well. I particularly like novels based in the UK and Europe but I'm open to pretty much any setting as long as some of my other interests are met along the way.

I've been much more open to war narratives in the past year or so, which was something I previously had no interest in, but I've discovered so long as they're not dominated by tales of the front line, I find them utterly compelling. I particularly enjoy reading about what was happening back home while the actual war was being waged elsewhere. It makes for some poignant, beautiful, heartbreaking and eyeopening stores.

I currently have no real preference over the tone of story I enjoy. I can adore silly, frivolous tales of upper class opulence, as well as much more serious tales, baring the grim realities people are often forced to face. So long as the writing is good and the editing is sharp, I can find poignancy in stories from all walks of life.

Family stories always bring an interesting dynamic but I've also been enjoying tales about friends and lovers.  I suppose the main thing for me at the moment is the quality of the writing and the relatability or interest that a character can provide. I'm less fussed about epic adventures or journeys and more about relationships, personalities and inner struggles.

I'm sure as I continue reading and taking in the recommendations of others, my tastes will continue to evolve but for now, these are the types of books I'm most looking for.