The Power of a Book

I came across this article talking about four books that can make you a different person and while it's a perfectly adequate list, I think it has a hint of redundancy about it.

If the list had of been four books that specifically changed that person, I would have far less of an issue with the concept.

I believe that all books have the ability to change us. Each book we read becomes apart of, not only who we are as a reader, but who we are beyond that. We learn and we grow with each new idea we read, each character we meet.

All art has this incredible transformative quality. For me, that quality has the most impact when housed within the written word. It's been that way for as long as I can remember.

Every book I've ever read, whether I can actively remember it or not, has helped to shape who I am as a person. My beliefs, my interests, my ideals.

Books are powerful weapons of will. You only have to think of the wars waged in the name of religion to know that is true.

Consider all the books that have been banned over the years. Banned for fear of the ideas they would spread and for the people they would change.

Books change us. Some books more than others, but books do change us.