Bookmark facts. They exist.

I was doing a little research on bookmarks, because, I have no idea, and I thought I would share a couple of the facts I learned.

For starters did you know that bookmarks date back to the 6th century AD and were mainly made of leather or vellum and were attached to whatever script they were meant to be marking?

I know. Me neither.

I also didn't know that the first separate detached bookmarks came about in the 1850s and often Victorian ladies would make embroidered bookmarks to practice their skills and would then, usually, give them as little presents to their friends and family.

The 1860s saw the first mass produced bookmarks and examples woven of silk proved very popular with readers of the day.

These are honestly just a few bookmark highlights. It turns out there is a lot more to know about the humble bookmark than you would think.

To many of you this may seem incredibly dry information to have hold of, but for whatever reason, I am actually finding this pretty fascinating. My younger self would probably be ashamed.