Book Recommendations: Giving and Receiving

Recommending books is something I do a lot. It's something I've done throughout my life, but never more so than with my Youtube channel.

Recommending a book can, surprisingly,  be a nerve-wracking thing to do.

As Edmund Wilson said, "No two persons ever read the same book" and damn, is this statement ever true.

We were all raised differently, we all have different life experiences, we all have our own unique view of the world. Where a book works for one person, may be the same place it is let down by another.

Having someone tell you they're reading a book you recommended is a wonderful feeling but also one that comes with trepidation. I know, that for every person who is pleased by a recommendation I gave, there could also be someone else utterly let down.

Of course this is not something you can worry about too much, so long as you're honest in your opinions, you can feel good about giving them freely.

The flip side of all this is taking someone else's recommendation, especially if it's someone you respect. If you end up enjoying the book, no problem, but if it turns out that book wasn't for you after all it can feel a little awkward.

Of course, it shouldn't. If the person making the recommendation is a reasonable rational person, they won't take offense over a difference of opinion but it can still feel a little disheartening depending on the situation.

How about you? How seriously do you take the giving and receiving of book recommendations? Does adifference of opinion over a favourite book bother you?