Live action remakes? | Disney Diary #16

Disney, it seems have gone full crazy on the live action remake front. Almost all of there classic animations are slated for the live transformation.

Had you asked me what I thought about this a couple of months ago I would have jumped directly on my soap box and complained whole heartedly.

Now? Well, I'm just kinda happy to see where it all goes.

The only remake I've bothered watching so far is Cinderella and while it wasn't my favourite it exceeded expectations.

I haven't gotten around to The Jungle Book or Malificent yet but I'm not longer apposed to doing so and when it comes to the upcoming Beauty and the Beast release, I'm actually looking forward to it.

I know a lot of movie titles have been thrown around recently like Mulan, The Little Mermaid and even The Lion King and while it can be hard to imagine some of those working well outside the realm of animation, I've decided to save my judgements until I see them.

Disney surprises me often and I'm hoping that trend continues.