3 Top Disneytubers | Disney Diary #19

Out WDW trip is getting seriously close at this point. Only a week and a half to go so I thought I would share my 3 favourite Disney youtube channels with you.

All three of these channels do a mixture of Disney World and Disneyland, two are definitely more on the Disneyland end of things since they live nearby but all three of the channels make me happy to watch.

The first is Disney For 2. This channel is made up of the sweetest couple, AJ and VJ and their happy energy is just infectious. They're so lovely, they appreciate some of the more classic elements of Disney which definitely interests me and they're just a lot of fun to watch.

Next up is The Fab 5207 and this is more of a collab channel between I believe 5 friends that did the Disney College Program together (but don't quote me on that). The videos are pretty varied but all great. I particularly enjoy the recent WDW vlogs by Sarah and Peter. Super magical!

Lastly is Justin Scarred and most people who watch Disney videos are probably familiar with him, he use to have two separate channels but they've all become the same thing over the past year and he's just really great to watch. His are more personal everyday vlogs that just happen to almost always be at Disneyland these days but I really enjoy them. His humour, his sense of history and his love for the parks just make for great viewing.

There are so many other youtubers out there that make Disney content but these are the 3 I've found that I enjoy the most. Definitely worth checking out for some quality content.