Bookish Pet Peeve/Turn Off

As those of you familiar with my Youtube channel will know, I am a sucker for beautiful book designs, or at least my interpretation of what that is.

There are; however, several books design trends that I consider to be aesthetically painful, none more so than the (seemingly) ever present, photograph of a woman.

It doesn't matter which part of the woman it is, her back, her profile, her hands, her legs, the lower half of her face, the upper half of her face. It's all the same and all disliked by me.

This dislike does not, for some reason, extend to similar designs done through illustrations, my peeve is specific to photographs.

I'm not quite sure why that is. It's not like I have anything against photography. In fact, I love photography. Just not on my book covers and especially not when it consists of some kind of awkward female subject.

It is very possible I feel the same way about photographs of men on the covers of books, but men on books is not something I see very often, unless they are shiny and shirtless and part of a Mills and Boon-esque collection, so I can't say for sure.

Despite my disdain, these type of book covers remain prevalent in pretty much every book store I investigate. I can only assume this is because others do not share my problems with these type of covers. These covers must actually work pretty well to sell books. Quite a lot of them too, because other wise I'm sure they wouldn't continue to make them.

While these designs are a bit of a pet peeve of mine, their existence does me no harm. I walk calmly past them on my way to the happy comfort of my beloved, illustrated and typography based covers and revel in their familiar beauty.

What kind of designs do you prefer? Do you think I'm crazy for disliking these much sort after covers? Or are book designs not even something you waste time thinking about? I'm interested to know.